Itzchak (Izzy) Leizerowitz


  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Yiddish


I made Aliyah at the beginning of March. This might be a great opportunity and a win-win for both of us to establish a business relationship and I am available to work either Israel hours or US Hours, remotely.
I am an experienced business development manager, and digital content writer and would look forward to making a difference in your success. I am also a certified English Language Instructor with a specialty in Business English.

I have over 30 + years primarily in Sales and Business Development and Client Management. My niches are :
Israeli Based Startups, Non-Profit Organizations, Telecommunications, Health & Wellness, and Active Aging,

Business Development Career Highlights include;


· Managed sales & business development for account base billing $3.8 Million annually in Telecom services.

· Developed a sales pipeline of $225,000 in only 6 months for time and attendance products and services.

· Managed Global & Financial Services accounts, as Senior Sales Director for Global Crossing.

· Member of the Global Crossing Team winning a $300 million contract for the SWIFT Global banking network.

· Managed all phases of the sales process; from prospecting to placing orders, implementation, and fulfillment.

· Experience in Blogs, Newsletters, Articles, and Client Marketing. Attended shows and events.


· Mortgage Branch Manager responsible for all HR, Operational, Administrative, and Sales Functions.

· Sales Director responsible for multinational teams, budgets, and objectives.


· English Instructor and developer of

· Adjunct Professor in Basic Telecommunications and Network Traffic Engineering at NY University

· Created and Instructed a mortgage sales training program for Florida based mortgage lender.

I look forward to speaking with you at your earliest opportunity. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Rehovot, Israel