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Caregivers needed!

Saint Louis French Hospital is a geriatric hospital that is specialized in providing palliative care to oncology patients. We serve a total of 57 patients, some of the patients are totally bedridden while others need help in performing daily activities.
The hospital prides of its Catholic Christian identity, however our doors are open to all people in need. We have a very diverse group of patients and staff.
We are looking for employees to join our family as caregivers to serve as guardian angels to our patients.
Caregivers assist the nurses by feeding, giving baths, changing diapers, changing positions and playing with the patients.

Things to consider before applying:
* Caregivers need to be able to work morning, evening, and night shifts according to the need of the hospital.
* You need to be vaccinated (we ask for green passports).
* This job is a pure humanitarian service, all it requires is a soft heart, kindness, and good health and physical shape.
* You need to follow the rules, policies, and regulations of the hospital.
The more languages you speak, the more we need you!!!
Posted   06 April 2021
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